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Institute Research

High-Impact Science Advancing Children’s Health

By generating novel, high-impact science that optimizes children’s health, learning, well-being, and productive engagement with the world, the Institute’s mission is to ensure health from childhood to adulthood. This includes beginning research and treatment before birth, which helps reduce the population-attributable risk for common diseases of aging that have roots in early-life vulnerability.

Research Initiatives

To advance our mission, DevSci stimulates and encourages innovative team science and training initiatives across the developmental translational spectrum. Our research initiatives include various aspects of said spectrum, as DevSci examines normative infant and child development, congenital pediatric diseases, the effects of diverse cultural contexts, the effects of adverse prenatal contexts, school-based enrichment at different developmental stages, and adult disease prevention.

child with wires on head for test and digital monitor

NIMH Funded NU-MHE T32 Post-Doctoral Fellowship

The NU-MHE T32 fellowship provides a novel transdisciplinary approach designed to launch the next generation of neurodevelopmentally-oriented mental health researchers poised to accelerate the pace of clinical translation. NU-MHE is specifically designed to bring together personally- and disciplinarily- diverse trainees (including both PhD and MD scholars) and mentors as a paradigm for advancing cutting edge translational mental health research.

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Graduate Research Fellowship

DevSci offers fellowship support for a graduate students.

The fellowship is designed to provide exceptional candidates with the opportunity and protected research time to build scientific bridges across their home laboratory to another developmentally-focused laboratory as a means of bringing new methods/approaches to bear on critical questions.

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