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Neurodevelopmental Core



The Neurodevelopmental Core enables the integration of state of the art developmentally-sensitive neuroimaging, physiologic and performance-based developmental assessment methods into diverse research programs. Its mission is to make neurodevelopmental methods accessible to faculty and students and make state-of-the-art neuroimaging and developmental assessment methods accessible for novel investigations and collaborations. Its designed for trainees and junior investigators seeking to launch a developmental program of research and for investigators seeking to incorporate cutting-edge neurodevelopmental methodologies.

What We Do

The core provides multiple levels of services, with sites on both campuses where studies can be conducted by the core’s methodologist or by the investigator’s research team.

Core Functions

  • Provide consultation, training, data processing and analysis support for new investigators interested in developmental applications of:
    • EEG/ERP data collection, processing, and analysis
    • Neuropsychological/neurodevelopmental/behavioral standardized assessment administration and scoring
    • Eye tracking data collection, processing, and analysis
  • Support data collection within the core using neuroscience measures (i.e. EEG/ERP), eye tracking, computer/behavioral tasks, neuropsychological/neurodevelopmental/behavioral standardized assessments
  • Provides training to investigators in developmentally-sensitive MRI (e.g., natural sleep MRI, pediatric MRI) /fMRI participant training and data acquisition (in partnership with NU CTI)
  • Hosts cross-campus workshops and seminars by methodological experts, highlighting novel and emerging techniques
  • Provides a venue for pilot data collection for grant submissions, including in-kind services for seed grantees
  • Establishes standard protocols that will support state-of-the-art measurement selection and enable synthetic cohort development in collaboration with the Data Science Hub

Neurodevelopmental Core Manager

Faculty Leadership

The following faculty experts lead the day-to-day operations for the Neurodevelopment Core: