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Data Science Hub



DevSci’s Data Science Hub is designed to support the generation of a cross-campus developmental sciences data index, provide an integrated data platform for generating Northwestern based synthetic cohorts of developmental populations, and enable data harmonization that expands the methodologic expertise and capacity of NU researchers to conduct studies on larger, broader datasets linking early life development and experience to lifespan outcomes.

What We Do

  • Promote research on the early identification and developmental origins of disease via creation of a dynamic data inventory to support rigor and reproducibility
  • Develop institutional capacity for projects involving data pooling and harmonization across studies and labs, while also fostering methodological innovation in the developmental sciences
  • Provide training sessions on developmental science applications of “big data approaches” including data pooling, harmonization, data linkage and the creation of synthetic cohorts
  • Develop and maintain a data index to facilitate access and disseminate information on cross-study and cross-lab constructs and measures to support theses, replication studies, and preliminary and feasibility studies to support grant applications
Galter Library DataLab

Galter Library DataLab

Connecting faculty, staff, and students to the data-related resources at Northwestern, the Galter Library DataLab helps scientists across the clinical and translational spectrum with consultation and training for all stages of the research data life cycle. At the DataLab you can tap into tools, expertise, events, and much more to help facilitate effective data organization, visualization, and analysis.

Data Librarian

Faculty Leadership