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Neurodevelopmental Core Celebration

Neurodevelopmental Core Celebration:
Ribbon Cutting & Linzer Fellow Presentation

May 9, 2019

ND Core co-Directors Dr. Elizabeth Norton and Dr. Bradley Marino, with Provost Jonathan Holloway, Associate Dean for Research Dr. Kelly Mayo, and Pediatrics Chair Dr. Thomas Shanley as they cut the ribbon on the Neurodevelopmental Core Evanston location. 

Along with an introduction to the Neurodevelopmental Core, this event included a special presentation by DevSci Linzer Fellow Dr. David Uttal on “The Making of a Transdisciplinary Developmental Scientist.” 


Welcome Remarks from ND Co-Directors Dr. Elizabeth Norton and Dr. Bradley Marino

“I believe we do the best, most impactful science when we come together,”

–Dr. Elizabeth Norton, ND Core co-Director

Acknowledgements from DevSci Director Dr. Lauren Wakschlag

“We rarely look under the hood: the operational cogs and gears that are the foundation of team science that fuel it and provide it with crucial economies of scale that enable scientific risk taking and novel partnerships.”

-Dr. Lauren Wakschlag, DevSci Director


Remarks from Provost Jonathan Holloway

“[Interdisciplinarity] is about taking grand leaps, like DevSci is doing now.”

-Dr. Jonathan Holloway, Provost

Remarks from Dr. Kelly Mayo, Associate Dean for Research

“Ideas that do drive forward take champions, take heroes, that are really able to move that forward.” 

-Dr. Kelly Mayo, Associate Dean for Research

DevSci Linzer Fellow Presentation by Dr. David Uttal

“Interdisciplinary research is really part of our culture. If you ask ‘Why should I come to Northwestern?’ it’s because of the interdisciplinary research.”

-Dr. David Uttal, DevSci Linzer Fellow
“The Making of a Transdisciplinary Developmental Scientist”

Closing Remarks from Vice Provost for Academics Dr. Lindsay Chase-Lansdale

“There’s something special here about the way community is developed around amazing arts and sciences.” 

-Dr. Lindsay Chase-Lansdale, Vice Provost for Academics