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Become a Faculty Affiliate

DevSci Institute Faculty Affiliate Membership



For the greatest possible impact, DevSci brings together researchers across varying departments and disciplines to accelerate translation of developmental innovations to diverse real-world settings. Formal Faculty Affiliate Membership includes several requirements over the course of the year. The application highlights several of our offerings and core services. Read the list of benefits and services below and click here to submit your membership form. For questions, please contact Rachel Flynn at


Illustrative Benefits of DevSci Faculty Affiliate Membership, for Component Supports/Services:


DevSci Administrative Core

  • Access to pre/post award grant management through DevSci
  • Tailored letters of support and templated/tailored resource documents including facilities and other developmental science related descriptions
  • Orchestration/supports for large collaborative grant proposals, including possibility of in-kind or financial cost-share contributions
  • Dissemination supports, e.g., promotion of research on the website, newsletters, and social media
  • Access to livestreaming and promotion of developmental science events throughout the University
  • Platform for scientific exchange and workshops on developing ideas and integrative opportunities
  • Eligibility for DevSci Faculty Seed Funds and Linzer Scholars award
  • Scientific incubation and for stimulating new and/or burgeoning collaborations
  • Developmental sciences consultation and advising
  • Mock grant reviews

DevSci Neurodevelopmental Core

  • Access to free neurodevelopmental methods consultation from Core Scientist and resources (e.g., performance based measures, EEG and other developmentally based imaging methods, interviews),  measures library (starting Fall 2018)
  • Eligibility for vouchers for Core services
  • Access to training, workshops and access to Core compendium of specialized neurodevelopmental methods

DevSci Data Science Hub

  • Access to free consulting with the DevSci Data Science Hub on data harmonization and lifespan developmental modeling methods
  • Collaborative supports in data science for grant submissions
  • Access to data science workshops and training

DevSci Center on Transdisciplinary Training

  • Eligibility for graduate student fellowships and graduate seed funds*
  • Developmental sciences community and opportunities for trainees at all levels (e.g., master’s, PhD, postdocs, medical student and fellow rotations etc.)
  • Workshops and specialized training (e.g. in collaboration with the Data Science Hub and Neurodevelopmental Resource Core) (starting Fall 2018)
  • Letters of support/resources and potential cost-share contributions for training grants
  • *Note:  The DevSci graduate student cluster is open to all students, but we recommend faculty advisors are also DevSci affiliates to optimize cluster students’ experience. For more information click here.

DevSci Faculty Affiliate Members commit to:

  • Agreeing to have your information listed as a faculty affiliate on the website
  • Providing an annual update of publications, awards and grants related to collaborative work enabled by DevSci (i.e submitting an updated CV)
  • Be willing to have your research highlighted within DevSci events and communications
  • Editing or providing feedback on any DevSci communications that promote your related research through blogs, newsletters, social media
  • Promoting DevSci training cluster to your graduate students (their joining is optional)